Welcome to CBA Associates Ltd

About CBA Associates

We collaborate with businesses and job seekers to offer a customized manpower solution. Providing for all of their demands in a flexible and collaborative manner. With CBA Associates Ltd, productivity is our goal

Our Mission

To provide each client with a hiring service via commitment and a partnership strategy that will satisfy the client’s needs best while allowing our applicants to realize their full abilities

Our Vision

To excel locally and become renowned for its commitment to excellence, effectiveness, and integrity in service provision.

Our Aims

To influence change.
Regardless of the industry or customer, to be recognized for providing services of the highest caliber and at affordable costs.

Our Values / Promise

  • Our philosophy for providing services is “customer first.”
  • Meeting all of our clients’ and customers’ demands with commitment, effectiveness, and dependability.
  • Professionalism, integrity, and openness in all of our interactions and procedures; respect for one another.
  • Considerate of clients’ demands and will protect your privacy.
  • Enthusiastic and committed, we respond favorably to criticism and assume accountability for all of our errors.
  • We respect the progress and contributions of our employees and facilitate their career growth.
  • We treat clients/customers, employees, and service users with respect and appreciate diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • We are dedicated to serving those around us.
  • We promise to give our absolute best.

Why CBA Associates?

  • Our goal is to comprehend your company’s goals and any unique workforce requirements.
  • We are dedicated to provide excellent services.
  • We uphold quality control and customer service standards.
  • We offer qualified and punctual specialists that are Ad-hoc, short-term, and permanent.
  • We reduce or remove the costs of advertising so you may concentrate on other aspects of your business.
  • We provide affordable prices that are reasonable.
  • We keep a thorough and reliable vetting procedure.
  • Value is something we provide.
  • Our approach takes into mind our service delivery’s continuity and uniformity. Through a simplified methodology and evidence-based methods, we routinely monitor all elements of our services to make sure quality standards are fulfilled.