Permanent/ Temporary/ Contract Services

For temporary, permanent, or contract positions with NHS Trusts, private hospitals, local governments, learning disabilities units, and nursing and residential facilities, we recruit, screen, and place medical and healthcare professionals.

We accomplish this by the screening of our applicant databases, where we identify and interview qualified people on behalf of our clients to fill open positions.

Ad-hoc Support Services for Staff

We are dedicated to efficiency and consistency in employee placement, and we are aware of the growing need for medical, allied, and healthcare professionals in the Trust and private health settings.

We’ve assembled a team of verified specialists that are prepared to serve our clients’ demands and have a can-do attitude.

We take great satisfaction in offering each client a top-notch service that meets their demands quickly. We have people available 24 hours a day to support this service and take care of any last-minute personnel need.

Employer Services for Staffing

These services are intended to assist private health care providers and NHS hospitals in filling open posts on a temporary or permanent basis.

Permanent/ Temporary/ Contract

All company sectors can use this service to help fill their permanent, temporary, and contract roles.

Through a collaborative approach, we assist you in managing the full hiring/recruiting process or a portion of it.

We will first meet with you to go through your operations and determine your personnel needs. Using database searches and advertising, we assist you in managing your candidate search to discover the most qualified individual who meets your requirements.

To do this, we collaborate with advertising firms and employment boards.

According to the needs of our clients, we could provide the following services:

  • Candidate Search

  • Interviewing, shortlisting, and selecting

  • Interviewing

  • Tracking compliance (screening/vetting)

  • Only candidate searching and shortlisting? Interviews with potential applicants will be scheduled by us.

  • Simply short listing? We’re here for you.

  • Improve your hiring process and hiring results by working with your resourcing department.

Open Day Services

We also specialize in conducting hiring open days when a pool of screened prospects is invited to meet with the company to assess candidates’ abilities.

We’ll organize the day’s events so you have a variety of talents to select from.

Whichever service you select; we are prepared to help you attain the benefits listed below:

  • Reduced cost of hiring
  • Better candidate quality
  • The effectiveness and consistency of your hiring procedure
  • improved satisfaction and a single location for hiring for all divisions
  • Capacity for Measurable Recruitment

Managed Services

Our managed services assist customers in finding a personnel solution by working together and thoroughly comprehending their often-challenging workforce needs.

This includes reduced time spent on recruiting and hiring new employees as well as long- or short-term absences due to illness, unforeseen departures that leave units and departments understaffed.

We assist the client in bridging this through ad-hoc, contracts, temp-to-perm, or bank hiring help with an agreed-upon fill rate using our extensive main stream recruiting expertise and skills in luring and keeping the top personnel.

The same pleasure and safety that you would receive from permanent workers will be provided for your hiring needs, which will be expertly handled and adapted to your individual requirements.

We have professionals in our database that have successfully completed our rigorous recruiting procedure and are compliant and available to be hired for ad-hoc, contract, or temporary roles.

We would cooperate with you and provide you the following services:

  • Plan the hiring process and the delivery schedule.
  • Locating/choosing candidates by applying our vast applicant database and network.
  • As the client’s point of contact, an enthusiastic account manager
  • Contact your HR and hiring manager frequently
  • Responses to openings within predetermined time frames
  • Meetings to assess performance on a regular basis